‘Digitalization ensures Efficacy, Effectiveness & Transparency of Service’

Addressing Digital Rajasthan Conclave Mugdha Sinha MD, RICCO said that 27 % in urban & only 4 % in rural areas were using digital technology today and this has to be increased to make it more effective


‘Digitalization ensures Efficacy, Effectiveness & Transparency of Service’

Highlighting the challenge of ‘limited empowerment’ whereby people who had access to technology but were not using it effectively owing to lack of skills Rajasthan Industries Minister Rajpal Singh Shekhawat today said that Digitalization has ensured efficacy, effectiveness and transparency of service and this gap must be filled.

Addressing the ‘Digital Rajasthan Conclave’ jointly organised Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and Software Technology Parks of India (STPI), Shekhawat said that Digitalization is not only changing life at a rapid pace but will also bring about prosperity and happiness in times to come. 

“Owing to IT and digitalization life is not only changing fast but is also ensuring quality employment, good governance and financial inclusion. It was of paramount importance that the prosperity and happiness should be key factors that this change is bringing about. Success would mean nothing without happiness. That is why the happiness index is being much talked about in the world,” he added. 
The Minister also released the Knowledge Report on ‘Digital Rajasthan Conclave: Transforming Lives through Technology,’ prepared by Ernst & Young LLP (E&Y).
Highlighting the role of STPI, its Director General Omkar Rai said that STPI has two units in Rajasthan and 17 units from these two parks exports software products and solutions worth Rs 1000 crore.

“Overall in India such units in all the STPIs were exporting Rs. 3,41,490 crores worth softwares. The IT sector accounts for 7.7 percent of the total GDP of India. The Government of India initiatives likes ‘Make in India’; ‘Digital India’, ‘Startup India’, will ensure a sizeable section of world IT industry for India,” he added.  

“The Conclave will go a long way in bridging the digital divide and even the ‘have nots’ were now using technology as was evidenced by use of paytm and other such devices. She said that only 27 percent in urban areas and only 4 percent in rural areas were using digital technology today. This number has to be increased to make it more effective,” said Mugdha Sinha, Managing Director, Rajasthan State Industrial Development & Investment Corporation Ltd. (RIICO). 

She urged the investors to make investment in the IT parks developed by RIICO. The time has come when risk has to be taken and disruptions as well as rapid change will now a constant, she said.
Partner, Ernst & Young, Milan Narendra said that the theme paper launched today examines the surge in the implementation of digital technologies across two themes: sectors and solutions. The report discusses in detail sectors like – Health, Identity Management, Citizen and Service Delivery, Transport, Agriculture as well as Tax and Public Finance. Additionally, theme-wise recommendations have been made to accelerate the digital transition of the State.
Earlier, the Co-Chairman, FICCI Rajasthan State Council, Randhir Vikram Singh in his welcome address said that Rajasthan is moving fast in the digital sector and has developed comprehensive steps for e-Governance. The IT and ITeS policies are also in place to tap the young pool of talent in the State. 

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