Desta Global launches online marketplace for agriculture inputs

It is a platform which shall serve as a medium to bring together agri-input suppliers and agri-stores
Desta Global launches online marketplace for agriculture inputs

Desta Global, the socially-conscious startup has launched Desta Mart – a B2B ecommerce portal for agriculture inputs. It is a platform which shall serve as a medium to bring together agri-input suppliers and agri-stores i.e. retailers at the village/district level for increasing the efficiency of the agri-input supply chain. Suppliers (sellers) of all sizes can display, list, promote and sell their products on the portal to a focused target audience in the form of a network of agri-store owners (buyers). Buyers can utilise the portal to access a large variety of products and order based on their necessity in an efficient manner at the click of a button.

The manufacturers/distributors of agri-input products such as farm equipments, seeds, fertilisers, pesticides and other products are looking forward to having a streamlined platform to reach out to agri-store owners. "This is a welcome move by Desta to take the offline-model online where we can easily browse through a variety of products and only order based on our demand in a convenient manner on a real-time basis," said. Kumbhar, agro-store owner of Baliraja Krushi Udyog Samuha in the district of Satara.

According to recent reports, the number of mobile Internet users in rural India was set to grow at a rate of 33 percent from October 2014 to reach 53 million by June 2015. These numbers are hard to ignore especially since majority of India lives in these areas; this opens up a plethora of business opportunities in these markets. Companies like Desta Global are using this to enhance the lives of this audience in the tier II, III and villages who have the need and aspiration to be the future consumer in this ever-changing retail space.

They understand the penetration, growth and rising usage of technology along with the acceptance of e-commerce in most industries, and recognised that a sustainable, strategic and proficient transformation of the Indian agricultural industry is on the horizon.

“Our vision is to enable farmers to have a prosperous future by ensuring access to the latest, best and cost-saving farm products and services by leveraging the existing dealer network across the state of Maharashtra and eventually expand to the rest of the country,” said Mohnish Sharma, CEO, Desta Global.

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