Danta Gold Cup A Rural Opportunity for marketers

Kila Raipur game has become a symbol of enthusiasm among rural folks in rural Punjab and is popularly known as Rural Olympics, and in some regions shooting ball is pursued rigorously. Though we know little about these games, their importance cannot be undermined. MOHD MUSTAQUIM reports
Danta Gold Cup A Rural Opportunity for marketers

Leisure time and close kinship make it possible for rural folks to make sporting events a shared enthusiasm, easily attracting marketers to promote their products and run brand promotions at such events.

Danta Gold Cup All India Shooting Ball Championship, an annual sporting event, can be a good opportunity for the marketers to penetrate the interiors of Rajasthan. Companies use billboards and hoardings at the sporting event to promote their products and brands. The event, participated by around 15 teams from across India, generated opportunity for sponsors to promote their products and the services they provide.

Danta family, in the district of Sikar in Rajasthan, has been organising this event for the past two years in the memory of their ancestor Madan Singh Danta. The 2nd Danta Cup, held recently, saw people from various sectors. The men team of Chandigarh and women team of Haryana won the titles of the championship.

Rajendra Singh Danta, the chief organizer, said, "This annual tournament will help the rural sports in the villages of Rajasthan as well as participating states. This game is very popular in the rural areas and people do not mind if they have to travel miles for plying and watching shooting ball."

He asked marketers to participate in the event through sponsorships and allied brand promotion campaigns. This year around Rs. 20 lakh were fixed for the event by the family. The opening ceremony witnessed around 30,000 people; this was achieved without any awareness campaign.

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