Crystal holds mega field show to showcase Sidhanth

Crystal Crop Protection’s Seed division, organized a field show to showcase the performance of its leading cotton hybrid, SIDHANTH in village Likhava in Rajasthan.
Crystal holds mega field show to showcase Sidhanth

 Agro chemical major Crystal Crop Protection’s Seed division, recently organized a mega field show to showcase the performance of its leading cotton hybrid, SIDHANTH in village Likhava in Rajasthan. Likhava is situated on the borders of Bhiwani district, Haryana and Jhunjhunu district, Rajasthan. Over 3000 farmers from neighbouring villages turned up at the show and they were impressed with Crystal’s super cotton hybrid Sidhanth’s performance

Farmer Vinod Dhariwal of village Likhava, whose 5- acre Sidhanth hybrid cotton field was the centre of attraction, was finding it difficult to contain his excitement at hosting a huge gathering of farmers who were clearly impressed with his crop.

“It’s after a long time that I have had such an excellent cotton crop, thanks to Crystal’s super cotton hybrid Sidhanth,” said a proud Dhariwal, elated at his good fortune.

“Sidhanth has all the qualities to become Haryana’s leading cotton hybrid. For one, there is no infestation of the dreaded white fly on Sidhanth crop. The height and vigorous growth of the plant, the number of healthy balls and squares, which start at the bottom of the stem, the easy picking, make Sidhanth, a unique cotton hybrid with high yield and excellent quality,” he added. Large numbers of progressive farmers, gathered to have a look at its crop performance.

Pankaj Singh Bora, General Manager- Seeds informed farmers about the benefit of adopting the cotton hybrid. According to him, it is most suited for northern cotton growing states because of its tolerance for white fly and other sucking pests. The plant is sturdy, gives big size balls, is easy to pick, has excellent ball bearing capacity in chain formation, he said.

He emphasized on the “Seed to Harvest” product portfolio of the company, which provides agriculture inputs like seeds, plant protection chemicals, spray pumps, harvesters and other farm solutions. In the seed vertical with major focus on key crops like cotton, rice, maize and bajra, supported by an extensive R&D; program, Crystal is sure to be is in the forefront of the demanding Indian seed industry in the coming years, he asserted.

Farmers from 25 nearby villages participated in the show and the company’s local distributors M/s Choudhary Beej Bhandar, Loharu and several seed dealers also participated the field show. A nearby 3-acre field of Crystal’s super bajra hybrid RBH279 was also visited and appreciated by all.

Crystal Group is a Rs. 1200 crore company founded with the vision of transforming the agricultural industry through promotion and adoption of scientific farming practices from seed to harvest.

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