Cornext: Solving the fodder problem for dairy cattle

According to a study, the fodder deficit for dairy cattle would be about 40 percent by 2025

Cornext: Solving the fodder problem for dairy cattle

India is the world’s largest producer of milk and has the highest cattle population. However, according to a report published by National Institute of Animal Nutrition and Physiology (NIANP), the fodder deficit would be about 40 percent by 2025. In order to address this deficit, governments, research institutions and entrepreneurs have been trying to come up with solutions. One such solution is natural preservation of green forages and enriching them through fermentation. This process is called ensiling and the produce is called SILAGE.

Four highly educated and young entrepreneurs started Cornext Agri Products in 2015 to make Baled Silage which is the most advanced technology in silage making. They understood technology, adapted to Indian conditions and commercialised Baled Silage since then. Initially the company started working with the Andhra Pradesh Government on PPP model to distribute Baled Silage to marginal dairy farmers at subsidised prices and became an instant hit.

As the demand for Silage increased, the company understood one Cornext is not enough to address this fodder crisis. The company expanded its vision to empower small dairy farmers to become self-dependent, which required customisable solutions to help the farmers’ produce silage on their own. To achieve this vision, Cornext designed and created Mini Silage Baler that produces 50kg bales which is again a big success among rural dairy farmers. This decentralised silage baling reduced the price paid by dairy farmers as logistics cost reduced. The company received an overwhelming response for pioneering this technology globally. Soon after the domestic success of the machine, Cornext started receiving orders globally. Mini Silage Balers currently produce silage bales in more than 20 states across India and countries like Kenya, Kuwait, Nepal, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh among others.

This mini silage baling unit has solved mainly three problems, 1) It has reduced the crop requirement from hundreds of acres to tens of acres, 2) it has taken the production to consumer, thus reduced logistics cost and 3) Most importantly, it brought most advanced baling technology to rural entrepreneurs. With these three advantages, Mini Silage baling has become a great success among dairy farmers and small milk unions. Till now, this start-up company created more than 100 rural fodder entrepreneurs and also created employment to hundreds of youth. In May 2020 as part of the “Animal Husbandry Grand Challenge”, The Animal Husbandry Department, Government of India recognised CORNEXT as one of the best start-ups in the animal nutrition sector

Cornext Agri Products is a start-up that is creating more start-ups in the animal nutrition space and also addressing the fodder crisis in India. Now, in order to encourage more and more rural youth to become ‘fodder entrepreneurs’, the company is launching a franchise model.

Through its new franchise model, Cornext is supporting village level fodder entrepreneurs by giving them buy back guarantee for first three years along with training and technology support.

With the upcoming franchise model for rural fodder entrepreneurs, Cornext is aiming to create a change in the dairy farming sector on a community level.

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