Coffee Farmers are Granted Help from RADA

The projects aims to encourage farmers to continue to work as diligently as they have been
Coffee Farmers are Granted Help from RADA

Farmers in India are blessed with an disguise. Though Indian landscape support farming and agriculture yet the methods are measure are still not yet refined in the ground level and used by farmers for better productivity.

The farmers bear a tremendously hardship times in cultivating crop. The main problem lies in huge demand and insufficient production.Taking an account on this coffee farmers has been grants of $30,000 for each acre of land scorched; seedlings and plants; fertilizers; and other inputs to assist with land preparation.

These allocations are part of the ministry’s $25 million rehabilitation and mitigation programme for farmers who were affected by the fires in 2015, being implemented with the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA).

Additionally, 164 farmers, including those cultivating coffee, and others planting crops such as bananas and plantains, will received 555 bags of fertilizer.Minister said the initiatives being undertaken are consistent with the Government’s commitment to restoring the farmers’ livelihoods and economic stability within their communities.

He commended the farmers’ resilience, demonstrated by their undertaking restoration of their farms, while reminding them to use proper land preparation methods when cultivating.

“We want to encourage you farmers to continue to work as diligently as you have been. We are encouraged by what we have seen today, in terms of the growth and development of the (coffee) plants,” he said.

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