China s e-commerce giants target rural market

China's leading e-commerce giants are stepping into rural market for online retail business.
China s e-commerce giants target rural market

Leading e-commerce giants of China have stepped up expansion of online retail business in rural areas. Inc, a Nasdaq-listed firm, announced that it would set up a county-level operating center in South China’s Guangdong province.

Plagued by poor transport and less purchasing power, rural buyers remained mostly untouched by the wave of online shopping that swept across China in recent years. As per the report published by a research center under Alibaba Group, China’s largest commerce company, forecast the value of the rural online sales market will grow to 180 billion yuan ($29.4 billion) this year and 460 billion yuan in 2016.

Rural buyers on, Alibaba’s online sales website, made up nearly 10 percent of total sales of the site in the first quarter of this year, up from a proportion slightly higher than 7 percent two years ago.

Other e-commerce giants Alibaba and Suning are also striving to grab a lion’s share of the market, and the former has gained one step ahead. Alibaba has established branches in three counties and planned to invest 10 billion yuan in 3 to 5 years to spread its rural operating centers in a third of China’s total counties and a sixth of rural areas.

An executive from Alibaba said the group will work hard to develop rural e-commerce to allow farmers to buy urban merchandise easily and transport farm produce to the city faster.

Industrial insiders said rural market will become a new engine to drive e-commerce growth and the competition to dominate the new territory just made the first click of the mouse.

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