Centre should come up with new MSME policy M Karunanidhi

Govt should withdraw contradictory approach which impacts small entrepreneurs and benefits only big corporates
Centre should come up with new MSME policy M Karunanidhi

The removal of all 20 items from exclusive manufacturing list of MSME by the Centre will allow big corporates to take over small firms, said M Karunanidhi, party chief of DMK while urging NDA government to come up with a new MSME Policy.

“The Centre on one side had launched the MUDRA Bank scheme to promote the Micro Small Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector, but, on the other hand, had removed 20 items from the exclusive manufacturing by them,” said Karunanidhi.

"The government should withdraw such a contradictory approach, which impacts the small entrepreneurs and benefits only the big corporate.

Considering the welfare of the crores of MSME professionals, Centre should come out with a new MSME Policy for their welfare," he said in a statement.
“While there were 800 items under the MSME sector in 1967, it had come down over a period of time, with 20 of them finally remaining under it,” added Karunanidhi.

Image: Deccan Chronicle

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