Centre identifies 50 tourist circuits

The union ministry of tourism has identified 50 tourist circuits to attract global tourists Surrounding rural areas of these circuits will see a face lift in developing infrastructure
Centre identifies 50 tourist circuits

The Union Ministry of Tourism has identified 50 tourist circuits for development. These include Cruise Tourism for Goa, Core Buddhist Circuit, Pilgrimage circuits which include Varanasi Ghat, Uttarakhand and other pilgrimage destinations. These tourist circuits will help develop infrastructure, improve sanitation and generate employment in rural India.
Minister of state for Tourism and Culture, Sripad Yesso Naik disclosed this at an interactive meeting organised by CII in Goa. The minister said that India will be positioned as a global brand by making travel hassle-free and user friendly through implementation of e-visa that will be introduced in a phase manner at nine airports in India, including Goa very shortly. This will be a game changer for the tourism industry and will attract large number of foreign tourists.
Arjun Sharma, co-chair of CII national committee on tourism, emphasised that for India to achieve its goal of attracting 12 million foreign tourists annually and other concerns, it is essential that the government and private sectors collaborate and work together to achieve the set targets and help India become a major tourist destination.
CII suggested the creation of an empowered National Tourism Board comprising of the government, public and private players who can work in partnership. A step by step approach and deliberation over the existing suggestions of cost of visa and its link to reciprocity, simplifying visa procedures, exempting hotels and tour operators from service tax on foreign exchange earnings and alleviating the problem of multiplicity of taxes will help the sector prosper and become a major foreign exchange earner for India.

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