CCI to launch Cotton USA in India

Cotton Council International(CCI) is all set to launch its 25-year old flagship brand, Cotton USA in India
CCI to launch Cotton USA in India

Cotton Council International(CCI) is all set to launch its 25-year old flagship brand, Cotton USA in India. Cotton USA promotes US cotton fiber and manufactured cotton products in more than 50 countries globally.

The Indian textile industry is primarily cotton focused, with cotton accounting for nearly 54 percent of total fibre consumption in 2014. However, the industry has inherent challenges like cotton price fluctuation, inconsistent quality of indigenous cotton and over-dependence on monsoons. In order to meet the demand, there is a requirement of high quality cotton in the country.

“The Indian textile and apparel market is now more than US$100 billion and growing at a healthy rate, and it has potential to double its export share from present 5 percent to 10 percent in next 10 year. We see a huge potential in this market and hence bring the best quality cotton to the Indian consumers,” said David B Collins, Cotton Council International Senior Advisor.

“Consumers are well aware and conscious about what they are wearing and are looking beyond just the end product; they want superior quality fabric assurance. U.S. cotton is seen by many as the best in the world, so when this premier cotton is combined with prestigious product developers, the result is truly top-of-the line, the best of the best,” said Renu Aggarwal, India Representative for Cotton Council International.

She further added, “Premiumisation is a well-established term in India and is happening across categories. The textile industry is also catching up by using premium quality – raw material, fabrics and innovation to make quality products in the country.”

The brand logo design embodies the idea that cotton is on a global journey. It’s the story of a single fiber, born in the USA, from seed, sun, and soil—not a refinery—that travels around the world, touched at each step by those who care, both in crafting and wearing. In the end, this fiber that was born in the earth, goes full-circle and returns to the earth.

Cotton Council International in conjunction with the National Cotton Council works to promote US cotton exports through COTTON USA in more than 50 countries globally. With offices in Washington, Memphis, London, Hong Kong, Seoul and Shanghai, and dedicated representatives in numerous other countries, CCI plays the lead role in educating and strengthening the market for US cotton and US cotton products around the world. Since 1989, over 50,000 product lines and 3 billion products have proudly carried the name Cotton USA. That translates into about 100 million bales of cotton.

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