Blumberg Grain Eyes India

Blumberg Grain Visits India With An Eye Towards Adding Value to the Country s Ongoing Food Security Initiatives
Blumberg Grain Eyes India

Blumberg Grain senior executives will be in the country this week for meetings on food security needs in the public and private sectors. Blumberg Grain is a leading global food security company, providing harvest protection systems and technology.

The company will also be participating in official business and industry events on January 26th held in honor of U.S. President Barack Obama, hosted by the U.S.-India Business Council, an arm of the US Chamber of Commerce.

Chairman and CEO, Philip Blumberg, accompanied by senior executives, will also be evaluating opportunities in India for partnering with Indian companies as well as investing in food processing, manufacturing, and opportunities to establish food security operations in India.

The Company was recently selected to develop Egypt’s new grain storage infrastructure, which comprises 93 sites across Egypt. The project will be one of the world’s largest integrated food security systems for grain storage. Blumberg is also providing cold chain storage for produce and perishable storage for the Nigerian government, which is anticipated to ultimately comprise the largest cold chain infrastructure on the continent.

"Though we have considered investments in India previously, the determination of the Modi Administration to address food security and improve agriculture, combined with President Modi’s ‘Make in India’ initiative, is very aligned with our objectives. We will be evaluating opportunities to manufacture our food security systems and storage in India for domestic use and for export. We are looking forward to meetings with government officials as well as major Indian companies regarding joint-venture/partnership to enter the India market,” commented Blumberg.

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