BJP Govt Responsible for Poor Condition of Farmers Sibal

Congress launches counter offensive against the government and highlights false promises failures
BJP Govt Responsible for Poor Condition of Farmers Sibal

Hitting out at the BJP for the present poor condition of the farmers, former Union Minister and senior Congressman Kapil Sibal said that the Bharatiya Janata Party ( BJP) government is responsible for poor condition for the farmers in the country.

Congress on Tuesday launched a counter offensive against the government, which is planning a blitzkrieg to mark a year in office. The Congress started highlighting the failures of the NDA government and plans100-plus press conferences by top leaders across the country.

Sibal kicked off this party mission. Addressing newsmen at the AICC headquarters, he said that 52 per cent of all agricultural household in the country were today under debt of Rs 47,000 each.
“There are 26,000 private money lenders in the country. If by chance there is flood or drought then God save the farmers. Maximum of the private money lenders are in Andhra Pradesh and it is no coincidence that the maximum number of farmers commits suicides there,” he added.

“ Did the Prime Minister pay any attention to this serious problem” The Congress leader questioned.

Sibal said that agriculture productivity is going down and Minimum Support Price( MSP) is not being increased.

“The UPA government had provided cushion to the farmers in the forms of debt waiver and MNREGA. But the NDA government has not even releasing allocated funds for the job scheme,” he added.

The Congress leader said that over 85 per cent of the farmers are having land less than one acre. “ What would happen to them if this land is acquired by new land acquisition law. The government is just insensitive to the farmers,” Sibal lambasted.

He said if one measures the performance of the Modi government in the last one year on the basis of the sound bites on TV channels, then this government and Modi may have been successful. But if you measure the performance in honouring their promises on the ground, the BJP government has been an utter failure. In every sector, be it education, health, women’s safety, economy and social welfare, the BJP had proved to be an utter failure, he said. 

Expressing concern at the state of economy today, Sibal said inflation for the `Aam Admi’ has skyrocketed. Pulses, milk, mustard oil, vanaspati prices, everything have skyrocketed. Onion and tomato prices are higher than last year. The prices of all these essential commodities were much less last year in the previous regime.

Congress came out with statistics to back the argument that the Modi government fared poorly. On job creation front, it said BJP had promised 250 million jobs over the next 10 years, an average of 25 million per year. Contrary to this, a labour bureau survey revealed that 1.17 lakh new jobs were created in 8 sectors from October to December.

“Education is running under RSS agenda. Health sector is in utter disarray. Promises are made without any intention of fulfilling them,’’said Sibal.

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