Bio-tech can revolutionise agriculture

The Government is going to focus on bio-technology to increase agricultural output in the future, said Union Minister for Agriculture, Radha Mohan Singh while laying foundation stone of Indian Institute of Agricultural Bio-Technology in Ranchi.
Bio-tech can revolutionise agriculture

There is an urgent need to change the traditional methods of agriculture so as to produce quality foodgrains, improve the quality of soil, fight the increasing threats of diseases in crops and counter scarcity of agricultural land because of increasing population.
Laying foundation stone of Indian Institute of Agricultural Bio-Technology at Jharkhand’s Ranchi, the Union Minister for Agriculture, Radha Mohan Singh said that there is a need of bringing second Green Revolution, particularly in the eastern states of the country which were not covered earlier during first Green Revolution.
He mentioned that development can be accelerated in these states because of adequate and human resource and suitability of the states for organic farming as use of pesticides and chemicals and fertilisers here is almost nil. As such agricultural biotechnology will play a significant role in increasing quality production in these states.
The minister said that with the opening of this institute, the provisions made for biotechnological education will pave a way for preparing trained human resource who will create awareness among farmers about the advanced agriculture by use of biotechnology technique along with traditional methods of farming.
Singh mentioned that in the past, due to climatic changes and fluctuations in temperature, agriculture had been adversely affected. This has led to not only reduction in production but also affected the quality of crops. He further added that with the use of biotechnology crops can be made climate- resilient and reduction in production can be checked.
The minister said that there was an urgent need for setting up such type of institute in this region. The Government has taken a decision to open this Indian institute of Agricultural Biotechnology in Jharkhand, keeping in view of the importance of agricultural biotechnology. The mission of this institute will be to strengthen ongoing research works, fundamental research in the field of biotechnology, and also building capacity for human resource.
This institute will generate technology to enhance agricultural production, give postgraduate and Ph.D degrees to students, he said. This will be helpful in development of quality human resource and employment generation. This institute will be helpful in strengthening employment security and food security for tribal population and farmers of this state and the entire country. The Government proposes to confer the deemed university status to this institute, he added. 

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