Big Data can make a big impact on social innovation

The CEO of Corporate360 talks about how data analysis and ‘impact sourcing’ can improve the lives of people in rural areas
Big Data can make a big impact on social innovation

In today’s fast-paced business environment with vast amounts of proliferating data, growing customer demands and competitive marketing challenges, companies are in constant desperation to make the right decisions at the right time. This uncompromising agility is indispensable to gain competitive advantage and get better sales.

Big Data is the key to obtain actionable insights that help businesses take informed decisions in a time-bound manner. Leveraging several external data elements will help respond to current business needs on real-time basis. Predictive data modelling is also essential to design a clear-cut road map for future business growth.

An innovative attempt and a philanthropic cause to create potential job opportunities in rural areas, ‘impact sourcing’ helps create Internet-based job opportunities. The primary focus of the initiative is to take simple tech jobs beyond urban areas, thus penetrating deeper into the society, and empowering talented youth and women from rural areas and backward communities.

A global programme that connects businesses and technology providers with talented resources from disadvantaged communities, impact sourcing helps businesses to assign digital data related jobs to a competent workforce from various parts of the world.

For lack of adequate opportunities and appropriate support, most of the immensely talented people from rural areas are often forced to narrow down their dreams to menial jobs, thus strangling their career dreams forever. With potential job opportunities that reward them with prospective careers and stable sources of income, impact sourcing aims to give wings to the dreams and aspirations of several young men and women.

Corporate360 is setting up global operations that creates data-related jobs that benefit several disadvantaged individuals in various rural areas. This mission has been kickstarted with the aim of empowering women and youth in rural areas, through promising job opportunities on digital data tasks.

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