Best Foods launches rice campaign to dispel myths around it

Best Foods one of the leading premium basmati rice companies in India hosted an interactive session to dispel glaring myths on rice through a campaign I love Best Rice
Best Foods launches rice campaign to dispel myths around it

Best Foods, one of the leading premium basmati rice companies in India, hosted an interactive session in New Delhi with nutritionist Kavita Devgan to dispel glaring myths on rice through an innovative campaign I love Best Rice. A similar initiative was successfully hosted in Kolkata and Hyderabad recently with nutritionists Hena Nafis and Dr. Janki B. The campaign which is being planned across key metros in India, is supported by the research findings of the TNS Global Research Consultancy which had collated data from consumers in key metros on a host of parameters – perception, preference, purchase and price et al to understand the beliefs and attitude towards rice as a category.

Cpeaking on the new campaign, Dr. Aayushman Gupta, Chief Executive Officer, Best Foods, said, “We strongly feel that white rice is a benign fuel source for the body. Hence, it is imperative that we would need to play a pivotal role in addressing this issue to consumers at large who are grappling with the ‘goodness’ of rice. The objective is to bring focus to the category yet again and share some interesting facts on rice to consumers and make them fans of it."

Dr. Gupta further said, "Best Foods has been providing insightful information about the category and the brand with a view to engage consumers more holistically. Promoting guilt free consumption of rice and the love for rice, informing consumers of the health and nutritive benefits of rice has been a passion for us. Hailed now as the ICF certified (accredited by the Apex body of Indian’s most renowned Chefs) as best rice brand in the category, we have been setting new milestones. I am confident that these research findings can now assure and motivate consumers to look at rice as not only healthy but more innovatively, and incorporate more homogeneously in their diet.”

Speaking on the occasion, Ruchita Jain, Associate Project Director, TNS Global Research Consultancy said, "Rice has a huge potential and hence we had taken minute details on consumer perceptions and apprehensions. The research was concluded in a span of 2-3 months. Having conducted a research, both intensive and with all target groups who consume and cook rice, we were able to put together all data."
Nutritionist Kavita Devgan  on her engagement with Best Foods, said, "Rice is a grain we have been eating for-ever; it is eaten across the length and breadth of the country and is relished in multiple forms. Lately though, an unwarranted guilt factor seems to have creeped in, under the mistaken belief that rice is unhealthy, and that it is fattening. The main aim of this discussion was to dispel the myths that have been floating around about rice.”

Best Foods Limited currently is one of the fastest growing and amongst the largest rice companies in India. The infrastructure of the company includes 17 modern rice mills fully equipped with latest and advanced machines with an installed capacity to produce/process 45,000 metric tonnes of rice per month.  

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