Beginnen Media launches rural entertainment channel – Azaad

Beginnen Media has launched Azaad, a premium Hindi entertainment platform that will feature content exclusively for the rural mindset
Beginnen Media launches rural entertainment channel – Azaad
Beginnen Media launches rural entertainment channel - Azaad

Aspiring to meet the customers where they are and providing an entertaining experience for everyone across platforms, Beginnen Media has launched Azaad, a premium Hindi entertainment platform that will feature content exclusively for the rural mindset. Azaad represents a strong belief in the ‘power of engaged connections’ with its stakeholders. With its premise being ‘People First Rural First’, the building block of the brand Azaad has been to serve the demand of the underserved audience segment with a huge untapped opportunity. Currently, the channel has select hand-picked syndicated family entertainment, all localised in Hindi. It will also soon launch its original slate that will encompass the rural population’s entertainment needs with relevant and relatable narratives.

Highlighting the newly launched platform, Bharat Kumar Ranga, Managing Director, Beginnen Media said, “We are working towards fostering a new culture of doing business in the media and entertainment industry and creating a ‘people-centric’ model. Our aim is to cultivate an inclusive strategy considering audiences in rural India as a part of our growth plans. Since creativity has an expiry date, we are constantly searching for the next successful idea leading to tremendous wastage. While our new model of consumer-specific entertainment channel is focused and is not dependent on any new creative formula. We believe that it’s time to transition from a creative-centric model to a consumer-centric one.”

“Our model is not about having deep pockets, it’s all about the deep understanding that we have of the rural person’s emotions, aspirations, and entertainment needs. The rural viewer is often confused as a free viewer and are completely ignored, but they are actually a mindset and we would like to capture their thought process. Beginnen Media’s flagship brand, Azaad is just the first small step in creating a premium people-specific product for the rural population. We consider Azaad as premium as it means superior thought, clarity in vision and it does not mean high cost or spectacular imagery. In the first year of Azaad, we want to create a niche in this super mass category of rural audiences. The content will clearly be created based on what the rural consumer wants to see and not what we would like them to see,” Ranga added.

Beginnen Media also announced its leadership team with executives who add deep experience across verticals to further strengthen the organisation’s ability to develop more personalised experiences with new and existing audiences who have a rural mindset. Their work will support the momentum that the company is already experiencing in its launch phase and is expected to create future vectors of growth. The five-member core leadership team announced by Ranga includes Mohan Gopinath as Director – Project, and Operations; Doris Dey as General Manager – Product; Rachin Khanijo as Chief Marketing Officer; Johnson Jain as Chief Revenue Officer and Dinesh Bhutra as Chief Financial Officer.

Azaad is available on DD FreeDish on Channel No 36 and select Distribution Platform Operators (DPOs) in the rural markets.

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