Ayurveda can be very effective treatment for common men: Manoj Sinha

The Minister launched the 2-day Oj Festival in New Delhi, attended by over 200 doctors and experts from Ayurveda

Ayurveda can be very effective treatment for common men: Manoj Sinha

Minister of State for Communications (IC), Manoj Sinha today said, at a time when, medical treatment and healthcare services are getting costlier for the common men, Ayurveda can help us in making effective treatment available to more and more people.

The Minister was speaking on the occasion of Oj Festival 2017, a festival of Ayurveda and Yoga in New Delhi. The Minister later launched an online platform, NirogStreet for knowledge sharing, consultation and certifying doctors for Ayurveda and Yoga.

“Before independence a lot of our historic knowledge was lost and no effort was made to restore it. We need to strengthen our research in this area and make it accessible to people across the country. The potential of Yoga is also being realised and the government is working towards promoting it. I applaud this endeavour towards creating awareness about Ayurveda and Yoga,” Sinha added.

Addressing the need for adoption of Ayurveda and Yoga as part of lifestyle across the globe, Prof. Abhimanyu Kumar, Director – All India Institute of Ayurveda said, “Wonders with Ayurveda and Yoga are beyond imaginations and the worldwide acceptance for this greatest heritage of our country is the need of a healthy world. Ayurveda has curable potential for the so called non curable ailments like diabetes among others but even then this rich, traditional and the oldest science of Ayurveda medicine emphasises more on the preventive mode for a healthy body and mind”.

Talking about the initiative, Ram N. Kumar, Co-founder, NirogStreet said, “Oj Festival is our initiative to celebrate Ayurveda and to promote this most effective yet nature friendly method of treatment among masses so as to make it first call of treatment worldwide”.

Talking about NirogStreet, Kumar said, “NirogStreet is our effort to work with pure Ayurveda practitioners, training them and connecting them with general public. As per independent surveys, we found that most of the time a person looking for Ayurveda treatment or consultation is discouraged due to lack of awareness of a qualified and reliable doctor. It is proven that early adoption of Ayurveda under supervision of Ayurveda doctor makes you immune from many diseases. With NirogStreet, we are striving to bridge this gap by certifying Ayurveda doctors and getting all of them available on one platform. Here they can be reached out to for consultation, treatment and knowledge sharing,” Kumar added.  

The two day festival was attended by more than 200 doctors, experts from different streams of Ayurveda, India’s popular ayurveda companies, policy makers and general public.

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