Availability of urea satisfactory in Kharif season 2015 Govt

There is an excess supply of 27.59 LMT urea in the Kharif season
Availability of urea satisfactory in Kharif season 2015 Govt

The availability of urea has been satisfactory throughout the current Kharif season 2015. Department of Fertiliser has provided 24.80 lakh metric tonne (LMT) of urea more than the requirement of February and March, 2015 during the lean months of last Rabi season for prepositioning and the States including Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have adequately pre-positioned the urea in these two months.

Across the country, there was an estimated requirement of 73.29 LMT of urea during April to June 2015 while during February and March, there was an excess supply of 24.8 LMT. Added by the fresh receipts of 71.69 LMT and opening stock of 1.30 LMT of urea, the gross stock reached to 97.69 LMT. Whereas, the sale of urea during the sowing of Kharif season, April to June was 70.20 LMT, says the Govt figures.

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