ASBAH launches Platinum Basmati rice

DCP India Pvt Ltd, the owner of brand ASBAH has been trading in various product / commodities and recently added its platinum Basmati rice to its wide staple range
ASBAH launches Platinum Basmati rice

ASBAH, a brand owned by DCP India Private Limited recently launched its Premium Basmati Rice “PLATINUM”. Its highly aromatic extra long grain elongates upto 3 times on cooking. It is aged and hence perfect for special occasions.

About the launch of Platinum Basmati,Gaurav Jain, Managing Director – DCP India Private Limited said, “We, at ASBAH offer only pure, healthy and hygienic products. Wholesome good quality Platinum Rice is processed so carefully that the inherent aroma stays intact, and tempts the taste buds of every food gourmet. Reinforcing our brand value, vision and mission, we believe in catering to the needs and wants of our consumer with the perfect blend of quality and taste.”

“We offer the pleasant aroma of authentic basmati rice, which tempts the taste buds of every food gourmet.” he added.

The new offering is a perfect amalgamation of mouth-watering taste and delectable flavour and is available at retail counters and Super- Markets like V-Mart, Vishal Mega Mart, Sabka Bazzar and Modern Bazaar. For those buying online, ASBAH’’s Platinum Basmati Rice is available on Amazon, Big Basket and Sangam Direct. The product is also available on B2B portal like JustBuyLive. The product is very reasonably priced and is easily found in all the retail stores.

“We are also well known for social initiatives for encouraging women empowerment. ASBAH was born out of passion to create a better and a balanced society with a focus on Women Empowerment. We always ensure that the talented and deserving women around the world who want to excel in the field of education, sports or any other specialized skills are able to fulfill their desire,” the Managing Director said.

To ensure that the Consumer gets the best quality, DCP India has set up a plant to process all the ASBAH products like premium quality Basmati Rice, Maida (Refined Wheat Flour), Dalia (Porridge), Poha (Rice Flakes), Sooji (Semolina) and Besan (Gram Flour). The plant is situated in Sonipat, Haryana (India) and the company boasts of an integrated and automated state-of-the-art plant and machinery. An ultramodern air conditioned packaging unit ensures that the product is packed under strict hygienic conditions.

The company aspires to become a brand which is respected globally for delivering best quality product and meet customers’ expectations.

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