An Exclusive Camel Festival

Dedicated to humped camels, the two-day-and-one-night Bikaner Camel Fair is rich in colours, very traditional and yet quite strange, but it is rooted to the place’s heritage.
An Exclusive Camel Festival

Some festivals are rich in colours, some traditional and some quite strange, yet all are deeply rooted to their heritage. Bikaner Camel Festival, organized by the Rajasthan Government, is one in which which you will find all of them. It is purely dedicated to humped camels. Bikaner is India’s only camel breeding farm, and it is also home to the largest camel safari industry.

This year, the two-day-and-one-night fair "it was held from 4 to 5 January, 2015. We are expecting a gathering of around 10,000. Around 14 lakhs budget has been allocated by the Government,” informed Pushpendra Rathore, a Rajasthan Tourism official at Bikaner.

Though the festival is usually inaugurated in Bikaner, the actual event takes place at Ladera. It begins with colourful procession against the backdrop of Junagarh Fort. Camels are decked up with anklets, necklace and embroidered saddles. Once the procession is over, the festival shifts over to the open sands of Ladera village.

Events such as camel race, camel dance, neck shaking, camel ride, camel hair cutting competition, fur designing, best breed competition and camel milking entertain visitors.

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