An app to change rural education

A primary teacher develops 16 apps for the benefit of students, parents and even teachers.
An app to change rural education

With the change of technology in the fields of health, agriculture and education that helps rural lives to upgrade and develop, now has given a new introduction to rural schools and institutes that has helps rural children to understand the outside world more clearly.

Like wise a primary teacher, Balaji Baburao Jadhav, from Nagpur developed 16 apps for the benefit of students, parents and even teachers. Using these apps, students, particularly from standard 1-4, can avail constructive learning facility. Most exciting aspect of these apps is that it can be used offline, which would certainly prove to be a boon for students, particularly from rural and remote areas where Internet connectivity is a major problem.

He is presently working as a zilla parishad schoolteacher at Shindevasti village with a population of 700-800. Jadhav also operates his blog in Marathi from a remote location, around 90km from Satara. Over 4 lakh students across the state prepared themselves for standard IV scholarship exam using his blog in last two years. Over 1.50 lakh teachers too reportedly learnt various teaching skills and ways to use technology.

"I realized that most of the 4 lakh students who used my blog were from urban areas. Students from rural areas could not make much use of the blog due to lack of awareness coupled with poor Internet connectivity. Therefore, I developed all apps that can be used offline. Probably, this is for the first time that apps will be available for students with pictures for constructive learning. Also, 11 of my 16 apps will be in Marathi and the remaining five in English. I am a member in 800 WhatsApp groups, 200 Google community groups including worldwide education experts community and have 5,000 friends on Facebook," Jadhav said.

A native of Sangavi village located 20km from Latur, Jadhav got recruited as a ZP teacher in 2006 and posted at Shindevasti since. The school has around 40 students as it has classes only from standard I-IV. To utilize the time properly, he had started to develop apps for welfare and development of primary students especially in Marathi.

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