Agriculture status would provide much needed support to poultry industry

Harish Garware of IPEMA said that Agriculture status would provide much-needed support to poultry industry
Agriculture status would provide much needed support to poultry industry

Harish Garware, president, Indian Poultry Equipment Manufacturers’ Association (IPEMA), said “Agriculture status would provide much needed support to this growing industry.” He said the Indian poultry industry has annual business worth Rs 90,000 crore.

With the expansion of global fast food outlets such as KFC and McDonald, the poultry industry is shifting from its conventional live chicken business to the newly growing ‘processed chicken’.

Currently, 95 percent of the poultry business comes from live chicken, while five percent comes from processed chicken. However, the latter has been making a stable progress in the last few years, Ranjith Reddy, president of Poultry Breeders Association of Telangana said.

Despite its ups and downs in the recent past, the poultry industry is rapidly expanding in Telangana and other South Indian states. Subsequently, the demand for poultry feed has also been increasing consistently. However, the industry is currently facing difficulties in procuring it, owing to restriction on import of feed and their growing prices within the country.

Speaking at a press conference, the representatives of several poultry companies appealed to the government to relax norms with regard to import of poultry feed. They also requested the government to consider their long-lasting demand of agriculture status for the poultry industry.


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