Agribusiness will perform according to big-data theory

The world is put on alert that "big data" to be the next big thing in agribusiness to sustain its productivity.
Agribusiness will perform according to big-data theory

When the necessity alarmed the world by an international company revealing the huge facts that might control the agribusiness industry for the next few levels. A big question placed ‘big data’ to be the next big thing in controlling and improving the productivity levels.

Likewise many national companies in India too have come up with huge data to tell the story the agriculture industry did and the way it is to be carry forward in the coming times. Its revealed that agriculture industry requires nearly 70 per cent of fresh water for production level.The natural resources are to be preserved to fed the largest consumer of food in the world,ie. India.

An international company Monsanto paid a nearly $1 billion3 for the Climate Corporation, a company that specialises big data.Livestock research officer with NSW Department of Primary Industries Brad Walmsley said around the world agriculture groups were not sure what big data was but everyone thought it was important.

Walmsley said precision agriculture was ultimately "about people and decisions, not data and information". Beef and sheep producer Matt Ryan from Sodwells on the Central Tablelands is using data to improve his herd.

"We want to make sure we know what every cow and every bull on our place is doing in terms of their progeny’s performance, in order to do that we have to be able to identify the sire and the dam of the progeny." This means when Ryan gets back carcase details he is able to match it up with the bulls and cows to know which animals in the herd are making him the most money. 

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