Agri tech module to open way for careers in agriculture

SMARTfarm Learning Hub will enable students to learn a whole range of farming skills
Agri tech module to open way for careers in agriculture

Agriculture and its traditional farming methods have loosen the interest of youth to take it as a profession.This has even resulted for their migration to urban cities in search of better job opportunities.Do this really mean the end of farming in coming few years? A matter of huge concern.

Bring a solution to it a project is initiated to guide youths and aims to reverse agriculture brain drain.Dr Mark Trotter, a senior lecturer in precision agriculture at University of New England(UNE), said the increasing need for improvements in on-farm efficiencies increased the need for smart students, and he was hoping the new two-year project would help do that.Called the SMARTfarm Learning Hub, Dr Trotter said the information-sharing offered a great learning environment for students.

"It’s about connecting up a whole range of university farms with some of the leading precision agriculture technology companies and their data interfaces, and developing learning modules to enable students from across the world to have access to real data, real commercial software packages on real working farms, and to enable them to learn a whole range of skills through that," he said.

"They can see there’s a lot more to agriculture than digging a fence post hole."Dr Trotter said the smartest students were not looking for a career in agriculture."We’ve lost some students to other industries and we’ve got to turn that around and get those really bright minds back into our industry," he said."We need a facility to capture the imagination and the interest of these bright minds and draw them in."

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