Advanced technologies are set ahead to promote healthy farming

The new Common Agricultural Policy are set to promote competitive environment, and “greener” policies for farmers.
Advanced technologies are set ahead to promote healthy farming

The world is getting technologically advance so as the sector of farming. India is in the stage of developing. To make the future and life of farmers smooth a new information and communication technologies are introduced in agricultural sector.

The new Common Agricultural Policy for 2014-2020 prioritises innovation in order to help the sector adapt to the new competitive environment, and promote “greener” policies.

Phil Hogan, Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, talked about an "Agri-tech revolution" and the use of advanced ICT at all stages in the food chain on the farm, through to processing and retailing.“Such innovations will improve the quality of crop production, the quality of livestock health, but also, crucially, the quality of life for farmers,” he noted.

On the other hand FRS started looking for ways to help farmers become more efficient through the use of technology, and discovered that over 90% of cattle farmers did not use any form of computerised herd management system.

Currently, more than 1,300 farmers are using this farming app, and its founders have already started the plans for the expansion of the app.

Dr Adam Ulrich, Secretary General of the European Agricultural Machinery (CEMA), said that the EU Digital Policy should play an important role in accompanying and supporting the truly transformative path that lies ahead.

“Digital technologies are set to transform the world of agriculture in the years ahead and will fundamentally reshape the agri-food value chain in Europe and beyond," he said.

He stressed that a smart regulatory framework was needed which would help to unlock the full potential of the digital economy in European agriculture and rural areas. 

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