A slew of pro-farmer measures increases NSC’s Profit

National Seed Corporation (NSC) CMD VK Gaur today presented a dividend cheque of Rs 12.03 crore for 2016-17 to the government.

A slew of pro-farmer measures increases NSC’s Profit

National Seed Corporation( NSC), an apex level Government Company for production and marketing of seeds under the administrative control of the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, today paid the highest ever dividend of Rs 12.03 crore to the government.

The company, with adequate infrastructure, land resources and water reservoirs to produce quality seeds, has earned a net profit of Rs 51.80 crore which was nearly 16 percent higher compared to previous year. Seeds are made available to the farmers at reasonable price to ensure food security in the Country.

To ensure better results and contribute towards better income of farmers and to boost those measures, the company is ensuring quality seeds through its improved infrastructure all over the country and also taken a Slew of Measures

  • In line with the government’s initiative to reduce the burden and increase the income of the farmers, NSC has reduced MRP of all Hybrid seeds by 10 %
  • Exported 50.11 qtls. of Vegetable seeds during 2016-17 as against 13.25 qtls. during 2015-16
  • Distributed 21649 numbers of Vegetable Seed Kits to the small and marginal farmers at different places for eradicating hunger, poverty and malnutrition 
  • Over 200 new dealers were appointed during 2016-17 for last mile connectivity in the far flung areas for distribution of seeds among the farmers. NSC has totally 2343 dealers all over the Country
  • Distributed 13384 qtls. of various seeds like Paddy, Maize, Urd, Moong, Mustard, Jute and Vegetable seeds etc. worth of Rs. 16.57 Crores to facilitate Second Green Revolution in North Eastern Region of India
  • During 2016-17 in collaboration with Government of Karnataka, NSC has supplied 24217 qtls. of good quality Certified Potato seed tubers in Karnataka State to enhance the productivity 
  • Additionally created the infrastructure facility to the tune of 40,000 qtls. of Seed Processing capacity, 51,600 qtls. of Storage capacity, during the year 2016-17.
  • At present NSC has total capacity of 21.59 lakhs qtls. of Seed Processing, 12.63 lakhs qtls. of Storage capacity and 13,500 qtls. of AC Seed storage
  • Micro irrigation facilities have been created in 94 hectares at NSC Farms to increase per drop more crop during the year 2016-17 and the total facility covered is 1687 hectares
  • NSC has converted non-seed into value added products and supplied approx. 200 qtls. of value added product namely Wheat Flour, Basmati Rice & Kabuli Chana etc.
  • Fodder Block Manufacturing Unit at Central State Farm, Raichur has started functioning to convert crop residues into Fodder Block for feeding cattles
  • To ensure Government initiative on blue revolution, Company has arranged fish seed production of 1347500 Finger lings at Suratgarh Farm. Another project at CSF, Raichur also completed
  • Exploring avenues for seed export, NSC exported 50.11 qtls. vegetable seeds
  • The production of crop residue briquetting and also gasification for generation of electricity by Paddy and other straw is in pipe line
  • The production of new varieties released within 5 years was 38% out of total quantity produced during 2016-17
  • Given preference to abiotic stress tolerance varieties particularly of Paddy and produced 21000 qtls. in Kharif-2016
  • Entered into MoU with SL Agritech Corporation, Philippines for production of short duration Paddy Hybrid SL-8H at CSF, Raichur. This variety has already been tested by CRRI, Cuttack in six States and NSC has also conducted demonstration in Kharif- 2016
  • Started production of B T Cotton at its Raichur Farm during Kharif-2017 and expected production is 2000 kgs of Foundation seed.
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