32 lakh united for tackling poverty inequality climate change

As part of the unique action 2015 campaign millions of citizens around the world have demanded urgent action to tackle poverty inequality and climate change
32 lakh united for tackling poverty inequality climate change

This year, as part of the unique action/2015 campaign, millions of citizens around the world have demanded urgent action to tackle poverty, inequality and climate change. From India to Mexico, Senegal to Sri Lanka, Uganda to the United Kingdom, campaigners succeeded in urging their leaders to reach a new international Climate Change agreement and commit to the new global goals for Sustainable Development. 

action/2015, a coalition of more than 2,200 organisations in 157 countries. The campaign has received high profile support from figures including one direction, Malala Yousafzai, Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, Queen Rania of Jordan, Bono to Ben Affleck, Bill and Melinda Gates and Mo Ibrahim. More than 32 million actions have been taken, urging governments to up their game in the fight against poverty, inequality and climate change.

May Mobilization Campaign 

Over four lakh Indians sent postcards and another sixteen lakh took action online as part of the action 2015 May Mobilization campaign, urging the prime minister to commit to a better future for India, at the UN General Assembly in September where the Sustainable Development Goals for the next fifteen years were adopted. The postcard campaign was implemented to especially enable marginalised communities like Dalits and Adivasis, children, young adults and women to appeal directly to the prime minister and ensure that their demands are heard by all decision makers. Several organisations conducted events, rallies, flash mobs etc. in different parts of the country, all with a united message- an equal, just and secure future for people and planet. Globally, May Mobilization has united over 21 million people and was organised by 1,600 organisations from 140 countries.

Light the Way

On September 24, over 250,000 people took to the streets in 105 countries to demand that governments implement the newly adopted Global Goals for Sustainable Development and Light The Way to a future free from poverty, inequality and climate change. In India, since September, lakhs of Indians in 15 states sent messages to PM Narendra Modi by sharing short stories of issues that affect them through pictures. Stories of dry wells, closed buildings, sanitation and garbage issues, early marriage and education for street children are some of the examples that were shared.

COP 21- Global Climate March 

In November, the weekend before the UN Climate Summit (COP21), 785,000 people joined the Global Climate march -the largest climate mobilisation in history- to demand for a new international climate agreement. The action/2015 movement highlighted the inextricable link between poverty, inequality and climate, supporting mobilisations in communities already feeling the effects of climate change. Over 150,00 citizens from 10 states joined the campaign to demand climate justice from COP 21 agreement.
Millions of people have come together with action/2015 to help bring about an ambitious set of goals and the world’s first legally binding climate agreement. We have the solutions to tackle the problem. Now comes the time to turn the commitments made in 2015 from a piece of paper into a reality for millions around the world.

action/2015, is one of the world’s largest civil society campaigns made up of over 2,000 organisations, networks and coalitions from 150 countries. To date, more than 30 million actions have been taken in over 100 countries as part of the campaign since its launch in January 2015.  

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