2 3 lakh youth skilled under Hunar Se Rozgar Tak initiative

Since 2009 Over 2 29 000 person have been skilled under Hunar Se Rozgar Tak programme run by the Ministry of Tourism Government of India
2 3 lakh youth skilled under Hunar Se Rozgar Tak initiative

Over 2,29,000 person have been trained under Hunar Se Rozgar Tak programme till November 2015. It was initiated by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India in the year 2009 to impart, through short duration training courses, employable skills in certain hospitality trades. The initiative has two major objectives, first, it is giving the hospitality and tourism sector the option of skilled workforce at the lowest rung of service hierarchy, and second, it has grown into a strategy for poverty alleviation in the weaker sections, especially in the rural youth in some part of the country. It is commissioning pre-service skill development training programmes of short duration.

Under ITDC, the ministry had launched ‘Hunar Se Rozgar Tak’ vertical and especially youth are trained in different trades of the sector at 16 ITDC hotels across India. Thousands of rural and tribal youth have been trained under this scheme in Rajasthan and Jhanrkhand. It has seen a big in skill development for youth including rural unemployed.

Further, the ministry has put in place a mechanism for skill testing and certification of the existing service providers. As of now, forty five institutes – IHMs (Institutes of Hotel management) and FCIs (Food Craft Institutes)– have the authority to test and certify in four hospitality trades namely food production, food and beverage service, bakery and housekeeping. Since the inception of this programme in the year 2009 and till the end of November 2015, over 84,000 existing service providers have been certified. 

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