18 Facts You Must Know about Maize

Maize is a multi-faceted crop used as food, feed and industrial crop globally and it has a very prominent role to play in the Indian economy 

18 Facts You Must Know about Maize

Currently this coarse grain is cultivated in about 10.2 Million hectare in India. The increasing interest of the consumers in nutritionally enriched products and rising demand for poultry feed which accounts 47% of total maize consumption are the driving forces behind increasing consumption of Maize in the country. As per the demand estimates, the Indian Maize production has to grow with CAGR of 15% in next 4-5 years.

According to Ashok Dalwai, CEO, National Rainfed Area Authority, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India, the government is focusing on promoting cluster-based production of Maize in different agro climatic zones. The government has been making efforts to put in place new marketing architecture with New Agri Marketing and Contract Farming laws which will go beyond production to services and value addition. He said that formation of retail market is the key. The CEO is of the view that Minimum Support Price (MSP) should be the last resort as social safety net and it should not be considered as remunerative prices. “Remunerative price is not MSP,” he emphasised. 

  Facts about Maize 

• 15 million farmers in India engaged in Maize cultivation

• Maize generates employment of more than 650 million person days at farm

• Maize qualifies as potential crop for doubling farmer’s income

• India would require 45 MMT of Maize by year 2022

• Maize is less water demanding and gives higher yield per hectare

• By growing Maize farmers save 90% of water, 70% of power compared to paddy

• Maize yield increased with CAGR of 5% and 4% in U.S.A. and Brazil respectively in last 4 years

• Difference in Maize yield between India and world is 130%

• Feed industry growing at a CAGR of 9% presents huge opportunity for Maize growers

• Maize consumption growing at a CAGR of 11% in last 5 years: Poultry feed accounts for 47% of Maize consumption

• Maize a source of more than 3,500 products including specialized Maize like QPM “Quality Protein Maize”

• Only 15% of cultivated area of Maize is under irrigation

• Bihar and Tamil Nadu has almost reached 100% hybridization in Maize 

• Maize contributes 11% to total size of Indian seed industry 

• Global Maize production reaches 1040 M MT

• India stands at 5th rank in Maize hybridization

• 5-7% of Maize produced in India lost due to improper storage

• Maize production must grow at 15% CAGR

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