We foster rural entrepreneurship through education: LK Vaswani, KSRM

    Dr. LK Vaswani, Directer, KIIT School of Rural Management
    Dr. LK Vaswani, Directer, KIIT School of Rural Management

    Please shed some light on the objectives of this event.
    The rural entrepreneurship has not been in the forefront of any management institution. So, we thought when the GDP is growing, the quality of life of rural people is not growing with the same pace. With an objective of creating awareness among the rural management institutions, teachers and students, we foster entrepreneurship in rural areas. In the symposium, many suggestions came out from the various participants. These suggestions need to be translated into some kind of educational package.

    How experiential learning is helping these students?

    In KSRM, we have a large component of experiential learning. To gain the first-hand experience, students spend almost half of the time in rural areas. They understand the rural problems and develop their own perspective. It helps them provide solutions accordingly. Rather than imposing solutions from our side, these solutions are coming from the community interactions are more sustainable.

    Read full coverage of the event:  https://www.ruralmarketing.in/industry/education/budding-rural-entrepreneurship

    The students are doing their projects in association with other organisations. What collaboration do you have with them and how do they help the students?

    Today, we have around 250 partnership organisations, which provide students a learning platform and complete support. In return, these organisations get reports and research works done by the students. It provides the voices of the community to organisations. Later, many of the students get employed in these organisations.

    What is the current scenario of placement in KSRM?

    KSRM provides 100 percent placement. The students get placed in various organisations, such as Amul, HDFC and Adani Group; NGOs; development banking institutions for their rural operations. For last three years, some of the corporate sector organisations are coming for their CSR operations.




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