‘We ensure effective collect back mechanism for e-waste’


    On June 5 every year, the world celebrates Environment Day. Many corporate houses celebrate the day by various types of activities. In line with World Environment Day, Kazutada Kobayashi, President & CEO, Canon India spoke to Mohd Mustaquim on Canon’s initiatives taken on the direction of environment protection.


    Environment and climate change are the burning issues of the planet today. How does Canon see them?
    Canon globally promotes environmental assurance activities across the entire group. The innovations and scientific improvements that we implant into our imaging solutions are envisioned to enhance the lives and businesses of our customers without damaging the environment.

    At Canon India, we take responsibility for the impact of our activities and their effect on the natural environment, in sync with our corporate philosophy of Kyosei, which signifies, ‘living and working together for the common good.’

    In order to reduce the electricity consumption in our offices, we use LED lighting in offices, energy efficient air-conditioning, optimum temperature maintained in office and using renewable sources of energy like solar energy.

    What are the initiatives taken by Canon India to tackle the environmental issues?
    We design our products with the environment in mind and often include recycled materials. We minimise the energy that our products use when being operated, so customers save resources, and we anticipate how they can be remanufactured, re-used or recycled at the end of their life. By maximising resource efficiency, we are proud to be able to reduce the amount of natural resources needed in our products.
    We have a dedicated Quality Environment Health & Safety (QEHS) team that works on environment initiatives throughout the year. Every year, we closely monitor the progress of our initiatives throughout the product lifecycle, making steady strides toward energy conservation, resource conservation, elimination of hazardous substances, and biodiversity conservation.

    E-waste has now become a global phenomena, how does Canon India manage it?
    In line with the e-Waste Rules, we ensure that an effective ‘collect back mechanism for e-waste’ is in place. E-waste is collected and disposed in an environment friendly manner. A separate queue is available on the Call Center IVR (Interactive voice response) for taking requests for e-Waste collection and handling enquiries on e-waste. Information is also shared with the customers by way of information sheet inserts in the product packaging, product catalogues, among few other manners.

    The rapid industrial development needs sufficient energy, but the traditional energy sources harm the environment very badly. Does Canon play any role for renewable energy for its establishments?

    Canon promotes energy-conservation activities, including the development of technologies to prevent global warming. At Canon India, we have been taking initiatives on environment conservation for realisation of a sustainable society. Last year, we installed a solar panel system on the rooftop of our logistics operations site at Noida. In May this year, this solar panel system was doubled in capacity, thereby doubling the average annual generation. Additionally, we have also installed another solar panel at a service depot, generating approximately 80 units of electricity monthly. We have also installed solar panels in the schools in our adopted villages, across the country.

    There has been lack of awareness among the masses for protection of environment in India, has Canon taken any step in this direction?

    We continually strive to carry out activities to conserve biodiversity within our business pursuits. Some of our initiatives to create increased awareness around environment conservation, include- Earth Hour at Canon India by switching off lights in Canon offices worldwide for one hour during 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm on the last Saturday in March.
    Another initiatives are ‘Canon Kids’ supported CIPL (Canon India) in its Earth Hour initiative, celebrating World Environment Day with the community among creating awareness on the Day.
    June 5 is celebrated as World Environment

    Day, what message would you like to give on this occasion?
    This World Environment Day, we would like to reach out to our communities and spread the message of ‘Kyosei’. Beyond our company activities, Kyosei influences all Canonites in the way we operate within the wider community and with organisations throughout the world. We believe that being good corporate citizens is of paramount importance. I take pride in sharing that Canonites are mindful of how our activities impact our customers, employees, partners and the world around us. I would urge other corporates to continue with their efforts of environment conservation, as we should be leading by example.

    What future plans do you have for environment protection?
    Being a responsible and ethical organisation, we will keep striving to conserve environment. We will continue to work actively to reduce the impact on environment associated with various business activities and would carry forward our efforts by conducting social-contribution activities. Every great action commences with awareness, we will continue to raise awareness about the endless benefits our environment offers.