Smart small tractors can compete with big Cos


    What is the current status of small tractors’ penetration in India?
    Till now, people are using big tractors in India. But, lots of farmers are now using rotavators and other implements which are most suitable for small tractors. with the growing population which leads to the fragmentation of farm land, so small tractors’ market is growing in the country.
    Furthermore, the government is also promoting small tractors by providing subsidies. That’s why we ventured into the 22 HP tractors, with technological partnership with Chinese tractor maker, XINTAI First Tractor Company.

    How do you see the future of small tractors in India?
    According to our survey, small tractors’ market would boost in the future. It is the proper period for small tractors to go up. The farmers’ community in India is dominated by marginal farmers. So, the future of small tractors has a shining future.

    In the presence of big and multinational companies, what challenges do you face in convincing marginal farmers and how do you tackle them?
    It is not possible for any new company to directly compete with Mahindra. But, this is a niche segment. We are focusing on Indian market with Chinese collaboration. Secondly, we have given lot of features like the automatic depth and draft control, digital instrument cluster, which are currently present in above 35 HP tractors only. So farmers can gain the same benefit from our small tractors also. Third thing, we provide post sales services to the farmers 24×7. If a farmer makes any complaint, our mechanics rush to the doorstep of the farmer within 24 hours.

    Something about the features and technology you are applying in your tractors.
    This is the 22 HP tractor, which has double cylinder, water cooler feature and direct injection engine, having single gear lever. We are bringing it in multiple colours so that the farmers can have option to choose.



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