Small landholding opens door for small tractors


    How do you perceive the future of small tractors in the country?
    One of the major reasons for the need of smaller tractors is the fragmentation of land holdings. Around 80 percent of farmers have land holdings less than 5 acres. Tractorisation among them is only 1 percent. Other reasons like easy credit availability, need for input cost reduction and efficiency enhancement in farm production are among the key factors supporting demand for small tractors.

    How does Mahindra & Mahindra focus on small tractors?
    Since 2010, with Yuvraj 215, Mahindra has helped bring in a revolutionary change in the lives of the farmers with small landholdings who are primarily dependent on farming with bullocks and seek to increase productivity at an affordable cost. Designed for small farm operations, Yuvraj 215 is a 15HP compact tractor. It is an easy to operate, fuel efficient, low maintenance, durable and dependable tractor.

    What are your future plans for small tractors? If any, kindly describe.
    At Mahindra & Mahindra, we have always pioneered products to increase farm productivity and enhance rural prosperity. We have always strived to deliver technologically superior products to the farming community at reasonable and affordable prices. The Mahindra portfolio aptly fits the farmers’ technological requirements to carry out farming smoothly. Our ability to innovate has enabled us to be the No 1 tractor manufacturing company globally by volumes. We believe that this segment holds great potential and we will continue to invest and innovate within it.



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