Satellite Mapping can help Land-Management


    How does HARSAC functions in providing specialized services and solutions for implementing geo-spatial / GIS systems?
    HARSAC has been declared as the Nodal Agency for all remote sensing, GIS & GPS related activities and for procurement and supply of the satellite data for the state of Haryana. HARSAC is also working as centralized location for creating, storing, analyzing, retrieving and supply of spatial data to all the user departments of the Haryana Government. The information required by the user departments are generated by the concerned scientists using satellite data and supplied in the form of maps, reports and other comprehensive solutions.

    What are the future agricultural projects on which HARSAC is planning to work?
    HARSAC is planning to generate space based information system for decentralized planning on 1:10,000 scale which is the need of the hour. Mapping at this level can help Panchayats and farmers in execution and monitoring of the village level development work,not only at state but at national level also. Some of the agriculture related projects HARSAC plans to work include estimation of minor and zaid crops, including vegetable, horticulture and floriculture crops for which no Girdawari data is available with the government.

    Other areas where HARSAC projects will help?
    It will help in estimation of the extent of crop residue burning in different districts causing pollution and soil degradation. Crop suitability mapping for crop diversification and development of alternative cropping patterns in the state to get rid of the unsustainable wheat-paddy rotation will be yet another benfit.  Soil fertility status mapping at the village level,  Mapping of problematic soils and ground water potential sites, Cadastral mapping for better land management and crop damage assessment due to disasters like flooding and droughts frequently occurring in the state are the other advantages we will have through our projects

    How is HARSAC’s agricultural projects going to help the common man?
    The information generated by HARSAC for various user departments are ultimately being used for policy planning for the common man and farmers by the state Government agencies. The pre-harvest assessment of crop acreage and production help in making decisions regarding pricing, procurement, storage, transportation, export/ import etc. for the benefit of the common man. Development of scientific and sustainable land use plan of the state is helpful for crop diversification, improvement of soil health and thus improving economic condition of the farmer. The nutrient status mapping can be used for providing precise fertilizers recommendation to the farmers instead of giving blanket recommendations for the entire area. Ground water prospectus & quality mapping would be very useful for the farmers to explore additional sources of water for irrigation and deciding their cropping patterns. Modernization of land records being carried out by HARSAC in the state will help reduce litigation and better land management.

    How is it going to work for the other states?
    Though there are state remote sensing centres in almost all the states of the country yet all of them have not been able to develop the same competency level. HARSAC is being recognized as one of the best state centres in the country and therefore, many of the agencies are approaching HARSAC for assignments in other states as well. HARSAC is providing consultancy work to many state on National Land Records Modernization Program (NLRMP) being sponsored by Department of Land Resources (DLR), MoRD, GoI. Pondicherry Government has already approached HARSAC for taking up NLRMP project in the state.



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