Rural consumers are value conscious


    How rural consumers are more value conscious?
    The rural customer’s value consciousness could be judged by several ways – the time they research for product options, the time they take to make buying decision, the effort they apply for bargain and the expectation they carry even post buying. Though the changing trends are visible also in the rural market, people still look for basic features in products, life / durability and maintenance free as key parameters in order of priority for making buying decisions. Any extra offerings at the cost of additional payout puts them into perplex situation where they go for reference checks and word of mouth publicity before trial.

    How rural consumers pay more respect to traditions and customs?
    Hypothetically the change is always driven from the top and it percolates down to bottom, so is the case of fashion and life style. With trend of globalization life style changes coming from west or developed countries to Indian’s A class cities goes down to small cities and then to villages. It takes its own course and time. Change is good that everyone believes, also the rural customer but when it comes to change of tradition there is always a mix feeling amidst consumer mind. Unlike in the urban sector the rural customer takes conservative route to the changes, they always would feel comfortable changing habits and life style in gradual manner.

    How rural consumers are strongly family-oriented?
    This statement holds good for almost every Indian. Baring some class of society, every individual is family-oriented. If I would be in position put my views ‘the love and affection prosper more in poor family’ which means lower the strata better the emotional connect, values and care for each other. It diminishes with power and prosperity. People in rural areas have far more challenges and lack of opportunities for themselves and for their next of kins. This platform makes them more centered towards theirs and their family survival.

    How rising literacy is helping increase readership in rural India?
    Literacy in rural areas is growing very fast. With changing mindset, the deterioration trend in sexual discrimination is emerging. Even girls have started completing their studies, thanks to betterment of infrastructure and fulfilment of mobility needs by distribution of bicycles by states.

    What according to you are the mantras for rural markets?
    * Offer products with moderate features and technologies (value for money)
    * Be upright as rural customers do not give chance to perform second time
    * Create trust in brand / product – make them experience product and give them good sense of feeling
    *Adopt local tool for marketing and communication – gives better mileage.



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