Private Educators Can Be Agent of Change


    How do you observe the level of education in rural India ?
    India’s tryst with destiny since independence unfortunately enough left the most important tool for nation building, good quality education, particularly at the primary and secondary level relegated to a second rate position. The problem has been much more acute when we consider the rural scenario in our country where majority of India still lives. The three ‘R’ particularly the level of arithmetic’s followed by writing and reading is further declining. Though, government schools exist, but when compared to private schools quality is a major issue. The reason cited for this problem in surveys is poor governance, lack of a visionary approach particularly for school education and a national outlook.

    Establishment of private universities mostly happen in urban. What’s your take on this?
    Yes I entirely agree, since the onset of industrial revolution in our country, particularly post independence cities have grown rapidly and due to rapid urbanization and transformation of land use rural areas have been left out of the planning process both for School and University education. In most states the regulatory mechanism has failed to take into account the educational needs of our rural population coupled with poor infrastructure. The issues that have plagued public Universities are as evident in private Universities because of lack of an incentive mechanism to attract private investment in University education.

    How do you think private universities can help in spreading higher education among rural students?
    “Old order changeth yielding place to new” This adage applies very well to higher education as any approach to achieving the Gross Enrolment Ratio of 30 percent by the year 2020 cannot be done without the private universities playing a key role in spreading good quality higher education in rural India. No doubt private enterprise would play a very significant role in fulfilling social, economic, educational and scientific values in our society. Private Educators as such can be the real ‘agent of change’ as they should not only meet the needs of learners but also expectations of whole community.
    In today’s challenging era higher education in our country is facing many strategic problems that affect the institutional performance including quality especially in rural setup.

    How do you see the overall contribution of your university in teaching especially rural people and in overall development of rural area?

    Apart from adopting village ‘Mugalyachap’ and its adjoining hamlets the University and its campus spread over 200 acres will be a catalyst for socio economic transformation of the region by providing employment and skilling. Most of the people in these rural environs are deprived of higher education and progress because of poverty and lack of educational facilities. For those metamorphosed youth, the university will reorient the intellectual growth, development of capabilities and adaptability to change.



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