Plant-based meat market will have exponential growth in 10 years, says Abhishek Sinha of GoodDot

    Plant-based meat market will have exponential growth in 10 years, says Abhishek Sinha of GoodDot
    Plant-based meat market will have exponential growth in 10 years, says Abhishek Sinha of GoodDot

    Awareness among consumers to have healthy and high-protein vegan food has brought momentum to the demand for plant-based meat in India. According to a recent report, the plant-based meat market is expected to reach US$450 million in the next five years in the country. Abhishek Sinha, CEO & Co-founder of GoodDot, a Udaipur-based plant meat company, talks to Mohd Mustaquim about this emerging market…


    What is the basic concept of plant-based meat and what ingredients are being used to produce it?

    Plant-based meat products which taste and look like animal meat, are made entirely from plant proteins like soy, pea and wheat proteins. These are the three primary proteins which are used. Tasty and healthy plant-based meat will satisfy everyone. We offer the consumers the best plant-based meat in India and in a more compassionate way to eat, following non-violence to the animals. From curries to stir-fries to wraps, our plant meat products can be used to replace traditional meat in any recipe.

    What are the biggest challenges in front of the segment?

    The first and biggest challenge is, of course, the technology. How to extract plant protein and get them converted into meat? How to master the technology to really make good plant meat? And then, there is a need to make them sampled. Once it is made, then it’s category creation and creating awareness among the consumers. Thereafter, there is a need to let people know that some product like this happens. There are a lot of tasting sessions going on in the field among the consumers to try it out and make them understand that the products are very very close to animal meat.

    What response do you get from the consumers in the market where 70 per cent of Indians, according to government data, are non-vegetarian?

    Basically, the most important thing is awareness creation. First, consumers have to be made aware that there are products which are 100 per cent vegan, but they taste like meat. First, they have to know and then, very importantly, we have to plan a sampling strategy, we have to make them taste the product. We go into residential areas, set up small stalls and let them taste the products. Furthermore, we have on-boarded athlete Neeraj Chopra as a brand ambassador.

    Plant-based meat, a product of GoodDot
    Plant-based meat, a product of GoodDot

    What marketing activities have you introduced to make consumers aware of your products?

    We do online marketing and online activations to let people know that something like this is here. Primarily known as digital, we are using Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and influencer marketing among other digital platforms.

    Based in Udaipur in Rajasthan, do you have any plan to increase your footprint in the country?

    We are also exporting to six countries out of India. In terms of expansion, we are in the process of setting up a much larger facility probably increasing our capacity five times from our current capacity. That’s the plan, and to focus more on marketing and branding.

    How do you see the segment in the next 5-10 years in India?

    I think, five years down the line, there is no doubt in my mind. It will cross a billion-dollar revenue. And it will have exponential growth over the next 10 years. The plant-based market will be pretty big.

    What channels have you opted for distribution and selling the products?

    We are selling at regular retail outlets across India. Apart from that, we are also tying up with Reliance, D-Mart and other supermarkets to position our products. Online, we are available on our own website along with Amazon and Flipkart. These are the ways we are selling our products.

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