Mother Dairy s focus will remain on ATL – BTL


    What will be your marketing, advertising and promotional strategy in the New Year 2014?
    Brand Safal stands for Fresh, Safe and value for money produce for our esteemed customers. In sync with the same philosophy it is our constant endeavor is to give our customers the best. In the coming year we will focus on various marketing activities by which we can further improve our quality of service to our customers. For this, we will embark upon ATL and BTL activities and thus reinforce our brand value.
    Our focus will remain on BTL activities like in-store promos, flyers, catchment promos, hoardings etc. This year we also plan to focus on ATL activities like newspaper inserts, TVC, radio promotion, social media activation etc. All these activities will be spread throughout the year depending on the requirement. Also, every year we run our promotions – for example, during the summers we educate consumers on how can one consume safe mangoes. This promotion is coined as "Khud pakao, surakshit phal khao". The idea is to tell consumers to take raw mangoes and ripen them at home and then consume them. Here we ensure that consumers consume carbide-free mangoes.

    What are your plans to empower farmers through direct purchasing horticulture product from them in the New Year?
    Safal has always been a farmer centric company. We have a long association with famers. We have been procuring around 85% of our fresh retail requirement directly from farmers through our extensive farmer’s associations across various states. We plan to further strengthen our association by sourcing more produce from the farmers and provide better value to them. We have been actively engaged in educating farmers in the past on various and methods/technologies in farming. We will continue the same in the years to come.

    How do you plan to use the mobile phone technology for marketing and advertising?
    Mobile phones are very effective and cheap way to directly reach our customers & producers both. At Safal we have been engaging with our customers through text messages apprising about new products etc.

    What is the impact of social media on the markets?
    India has witnessed unprecedented increase in mobile phone penetration and the internet reach (via handset). The medium is being looked as the next best thing, say for mobile banking, financial inclusion or as a simple marketing tool. Though in our business, where people personally like to see the product before buying, the medium may not be effective for direct selling. However, I can see a huge potential in the area of customer awareness on the social platform. Consumers today are increasingly becoming aware about what they are consuming. Both, food safety and nutritional values need to be promoted on social media.

    What will be the biggest change in rural India in the coming year?
    We are largely a monsoon dependent nation when it comes to agriculture. In the recent year we have witnessed huge price fluctuation in Fruits and Vegetable as well other agricultural produce. Though we wish that the prices remain stable, the weather variability will alter the demand and supply of agri-food by bringing in more uncertainty in food value chain and volatility in commodity prices.



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