‘Mechanised sowing increases yield by 40’


    Maschio Gaspardo, an Italian tillage and seeding machinery company, eyeing the vast opportunity in Indian agriculture sector, has now made its footprint in the country. Riulini Alessio, Director-Sales & Marketing of the company talks to Mohd Mustaquim about its plans

    What is the status of seed drilling machines’ market in India?
    There is a lot of scope for mechanization when it comes to seeding. Still we are using conventional mechanical seed drill here without getting much benefit out of it. Here it should start the terminology named ‘preciosn planting’.

    How do you convince farmers that sowing through seed drilling machines is different?
    Our farmers should start to accept the new technologies even though it seems costly on initial investment but will prove beneficial in short time. Maschio’s vision is to change the conventional thinking of farmers in an effective way by demonstrating them new technologies and reducing their efforts on field.

    How do they help them?
    Their yield will get increased by 30-40 percent than traditional sowing and also the savings on fertilizer.

    How do you market seed drilling machines in India?
    We are working out for a subsidy with the state governments for these machines. We hope that the governments will support to incept this technology at low cost to the farmers.



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