IT minds goes organic


    Why did you pick up organic farming instead of taking the opportunity of working in US?
    I didn’t grab the opportunity because I belong to a very small family and my entire family background is based on farming. I used to go to fields with my father and grandfather, and by observing them I learnt the techniques of farming. So from childhood I have been attached to this land, and it was the reason why I was not ready to leave the place. I wanted to develop entrepreneurship, so I opted farming.

    Why organic farming?
    I started organic farming in 1992. At that time people were not aware about what organic farming is. I believe that if I use poison in land it will indirectly reach to human, animals or birds which will cause harm to them. So I decided to use organic compound to save our nature.

    Tell us about the Labourless technology you have developed.
    It is a food processing technology, a small home made machine. To process 400 quital, let’s say turmeric, manually would take 3 months with a cost of Rst50,000 for 25 labours. So with this technology I can process the same amount of turmeric at a labour cost of Rs 5,000 in a month’s, time and the task can be completed with the help of 3 to 4 people.

    So the advantage is that I started getting uniform quality, export has increased, processing has become easier, and in domestic market I started getting good price for the produce.

    Apart from organic farming, in what other businesses are you engaged?

    I have a cold storage chain as I produce vegetables so one requires to preserve them. I also do dairy farming and also supply organic seeds.

    What is your future road map?
    I want to become a successful agriculture entrepreneur. I have started exporting. But my problem is that I have limited land. So I want to do farming in a larger scale.



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