Future Of Direct Selling Is Bright In Rural


    What is the basic concept of direct selling and its present trend in rural India?
    Sales of product through individual sales organization with emphasis on building relationship, commitment to consumer satisfaction through service and quality is the basic concept of Direct sales. Relations built upon perseverance, dedication and social networking are utilized based upon mutual trust, empathy and recommendation.
    Rural India being more society and humanity driven imbibes strong affinity towards direct sales concept. It works well due to deepest logistic penetration that is otherwise cumbersome and expensive. At present rural consumer has started spending on themselves apart from their farm input products, farm animals. Concept of usage and understanding of specialized specific products is growing to provide good business opportunity to the Direct sales industry.
    What is the impact of Direct Selling of Consumer goods in India? And what has been the experience of your company in this field?
    Direct sales of consumer goods has not been hugely impacting in India. We tried few consumer durable products but after sales service and logistics issue were major roadblocks.
    What are the challenges of Direct Selling and solutions in your views?
    Major Challenges are:
    • No industry status
    • Non- acceptance in bureaucratic corridors
    • Fly by night operators & their guise in form of international operations,
    • Poor quality non-researched products with ill trained workforce

    Strict procedures with stipulated – mandatory structure and infrastructure status so that only serious players are enrolled and get approvals. As an industry customer gets the best quality and services and all the operative procedures of recruitment and sales need to be addressed clearly and in line with the funds rotation.
    How do you compare it with E-marketing especially for rural people?

    E- marketing for rural people is slow but sure way to catch up with the problem of deep penetration. Large-sized stock keeping units, varied categories and products with logistic expenses involved in demonstrations and high inventory gets breather due to this facility. Clubbing of both the modules surely opens the door to opportunity of bigger magnitude.
    What is the future of Direct Selling in India?
    Future of direct selling is very bright in India. For all the companies that have ethical product sales and interaction module, good contributory attitude, innovative with ease of usage products would have great selling time in the near future.



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