Agrowave: Farm-to-market through mobile pickup stations

    Anu Meena, Founder Agrowave

    Founded in 2017 by Anu Meena, Gurugram-based Agrowave has built a farm-to-market mobility supply chain with a focus on first-mile logistics and trade supply through an integrated network of ‘mobile pickup stations’ or MPS. The MPSs are placed at farm-gates to procure products directly from farmers. In an email interview with Rural Marketing’s N. Bobo Meitei, she said, “Growing up, I saw the challenges my grandfather, as a farmer, faced. Solving these challenges has since been my mission. Excerpt of the interview.

    You are an IIT Delhi graduate, you could have joined a good company. What motivated you to enter the agritech segment? 

    :I started Agrowave in 2017. My motivation is my grandfather who is a farmer. I saw him struggle to sell vegetables, i.e. finding buyers, arranging transport, getting payments, etc. Growing up, I saw the challenges he, as a farmer, faced. Solving these challenges that farmers across India face, has since been my mission. 

    How different is Agrowave’s business model from other agritech firms which are also in the farm-to-market model? 

    :We are a farmer-focused company and have an Agrowave Kisaan app where farmers can sell their produce to any mandi from their farm-gates. There is no single platform on which farmers can sell their produce to traders in mandis. We are building a farm-to-market mobility supply chain that enables millions of farmers to sell their product from farm-gates. 

    How has Agrowave transformed the way farmers sell your produce?

    :Because of our farm-to-market mobility, farmers now can focus more on their work rather than going to mandi and traveling back and forth in trucks. Those who sell through our platform have been able to focus on their children, and women farmers are able to sell from their farm-gates. 

    Given that most Indian farmers are illiterate, what challenges do you face in convincing them to accept Mobile Pickup Stations (MPSs)? 

    :Initially, it is difficult for them to adopt new technology. But once they understand they are able to carry out transactions on the app. We also organize meetings in villages where we give them training on our Agrowave Kisaan app. 

    What is the road ahead? 

    : Agrowave wants to enable millions of farmers to sell their produce from their farm-gates.

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