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A Talent Shaped By Rural Kerala

Age is just a number in the world of talents Such is b Aiswarya T Anish b a teenager from rural Kerala At 15 she is a writer a poet an artist a tutor and a student at the same time She has penned more than 400 poems in two languages and is an author of three novels She has received many awards including from Rotary International

Aiswarya T.Anish
A Poetess From Rural Kerala

What are your future plans and aim?
I want to be a good human being. I find a lot of joy in writing, and I would like to continue doing so. I feel that the things you do whole-heartedly give you the best results. Right now, I’m focusing on improving the skills I’ve been blessed with.

Being a tutor, a student, an author and a poet,  how do you manage your time?
Surprisingly, it fits into my daily schedule without affecting others. I go to school on week days, I am a tutor at weekends. I’ve never felt that being an author or poet becomes a burden in my schedule because I don’t think it eats up my time. Jotting down a few lines of poetry does not stress me out because I never force poetry to come out. Sometimes I may feel like writing before a math exam and then I leave everything aside.

Other interests?
I read as much as I can. And I love it. And I like to paint as much as I like to write. I also learn languages. I’ve been learning foreign languages since fifth grade. I also love all kinds of music.

Personalities you adore.
APJ Abdul Kalam, for his dedication and for his excellence; Mubarak Awadh, for world peace even when he is cast out of his own country; and my mom and dad.

What are your stress busters?
My family is everything to me. When I’m with my family I am relaxed.

What inspired you to write your first poetry book ‘The Crescent Smile’?
The joy of getting published is an incomparable feeling. Your readers are accepting you, they’re reading you as a poet and not just as a girl who writes poetry.

Your views on rural India?
I am a child of rural India. I know about life in rural India because that’s all I’ve known it for fourteen years of my life. I was born in a small village in Alappuzha, in Kerala, I was brought up there among the seas and lakes. I love rural India. It has shaped my life.

Main focus at the moment?
Studies, of course. I’m also working on a couple of novels. One of them is about terrorism, inspired by a friend in Kabul who gave me the background for the book. The other one is about rural Kerala.


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