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Crystal imparts training for farmers on weed management

The agrochemical company organised field training for over 100 progressive farmers on usage and best results from weedicide, ACM-9 in for wheat crop

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Leading agrochemical company, Crystal Crop Protection organised a mega field training for farmers at Badail village in Panipat district of Haryana . More than a 100 progressive farmers participated in this day-long training session conducted to educate them on management of Phalaris Minor, a big menace for wheat crop in this area.

In order to counter this weed, Crystal has developed a weedicide, ACM-9. Among monocot weeds, Phalaris Minor (Mandusi/ Gulli Danda in local parlance) is the most notorious weed seen in the wheat fields. In certain localities, the profusion of this weed is so big that it become almost impossible to grow wheat. Belonging to the gramineae family, each plant of Phalaris Minor, on an average, produces 10,000 to 30,000 seeds. It merges with the germination of wheat and resembles wheat seedlings to a very large extent, causing 30-70% reduction in wheat yield.

Bringing out the severity of this weed infestation, CS Shukla, Crystal’s Senior Vice President in Marketing, said, “Phalaris Minor menace in is choking the wheat crop in the area. ACM-9 controls weed at the most critical growth stage of growth, enhancing wheat productivity and profit for farmers”.

DK Sharma, Crystal’s Regional Marketing Manager, Haryana explained the usage techniques to farmers and Sajjan Rathi, Regional Marketing Manager briefed them about other wheat problems and their control. Saurabh Tripathi,Crystal’s Herbicide Portfolio Head informed farmers that in addition to Mandusi, ACM-9 also controls wild oat (Jangli Jai) and many broad leaf weeds.

Highlighting about this field training, Shukla said, “It’s always a pleasure to organise such training programme for farmers.Through such programmes, farmers are equipped with the latest information on crop management. ACM -9 is a wheat crop saviour and we would like to educate farmers to make the best use of it.”

Welcoming farmers earlier, Sanjay Singh, RSM-Haryana, gave participants a brief introduction to Crystal Crop Protection. He informed farmers how Crystal was founded to transform the agriculture sector through promotion and adoption of scientific farming practices from seed to harvest.

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