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KrishiDirect: Connecting farmers with urban consumers during COVID crisis

This platform is based on the concept of serving farm fresh produce at one's doorstep. Now, they have opened the platform to other suppliers who want to leverage the power of online platforms to sell products in today's scenario

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Since the spread of COVID-19, it is observed that several markets have been disrupted and shaken. Farmers’ market is one of these areas. In the chaos of pandemic, people in Bangalore have observed a significant change in their grocery shopping practices, especially when it comes to buying vegetables and fruits. Amidst COVID-19, prices of fruits and vegetables have significantly dropped but still purchasing them became a challenging task owing to the increasing risk.

Following this crisis, many players in Bangalore opened new doors to farmers' markets by introducing online grocery shopping platforms. While the sales at grocery stores significantly decreased, more and more people turned towards online platforms.

Connecting Farmers with consumers
Everything seems to be changing since the outbreak of COVID-19 everywhere, including Bangalore. People who were reluctant to trust online shopping platforms before are now preferring them, proving the rise of the e-commerce industry. For a very long time, everyone has been hearing about the big e-commerce platforms which now has changed as many players have come to play.

Several platforms stood up during this time to help people cater their daily needs for vegetables and fruits. KrishiDirect is one of them. KrishiDirect rose during the time of need and soon became the first choice of online grocery stores for people of Bangalore. With delivery of fruits and vegetables, they also stepped up by adding staples, meat and eggs in the list of products on sale online. Many people across the city have appreciated their efforts of delivering farm fresh vegetables and fruits, cut vegetables, eggs, meat (chicken and mutton), and millets.

The KrishiDirect team stood up when Bangalore needed them the most. They kept their promise of delivering farm fresh produce directly from the farm to customer's doorstep in just 24 hours. Their packaging, washed vegetables and fruits, cut vegetables and on-time delivery, even in the times of pandemic helped them become one of the trusted online grocery stores in Bangalore. They even added the cold container system in their transport vehicles to assure that one receives fresh produce. Their vision extended further when they introduced the delivery of chopped vegetables and vegetables and fruits baskets.

Their key selling point is their customised vegetables and fruit baskets designed to target a specific health issue like diabetes etc. and the cut vegetables, demand for which is growing by every minute in Bangalore. They also have revolutionised the online vegetable and fruit delivery by allowing customers to customise their own baskets with the help of nutritionists working for them. Their mega vegetable basket, anaemic fruit basket, antioxidant-rich fruit basket, gut health fruit basket are some of their best selling products today.

This platform is based on the concept of serving farm fresh produce at one's doorstep. Now, they have opened the platform to other suppliers who want to leverage the power of online platforms to sell products in today's scenario. Their vision has been happily accepted by the people of Bangalore.

Ashwin Kumar K, one of the founders of KrishiDirect, said, "We thought of this platform just because of the rising challenge faced by people to buy daily groceries during the pandemic which later turned into something that people appreciated and are relying upon. Their expectation increased and so did our platform. We started with delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables from the farms which later transformed into something huge when we added meat, chicken, staples, eggs, cut vegetables, and baskets in the list." He also shed light to the increasing demand of cut vegetables and customised baskets designed specifically by the nutritionists.

In the near future, KrishiDirect has also planned the development of cold rooms for all the products to ensure that they remain fresh for long. KrishiDirect is rapidly spreading its wings and revolutionising the entire fundamentals of online grocery in Bangalore. With the growing potential of e-commerce businesses, many companies are going digital, KrishiDirect is one of the successful stories among others.

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