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Editor Profile

Ajay Adlakha is the Editor and Publisher of Rural & Marketing – and have pioneered this space by launching India’s first magazine on Rural domain. He is a passionate, award-winning Editor and technology expert for print media and corporate communication. He has the proven ability to fully run an editorial team and grow existing clients as well as winning new business. Over 20 years experience across all media channels including broadcast TV, print ads, interactive media, digital media and emerging technologies.


Join our community of more than 990 contributors to publish your perspective, share your narrative and shape the rural discourse. Become a Rural Marketing MATE and let the world look the rural area beyond the convention.

We are a crowd-sourced multimedia journal who welcome content in all forms: reports, articles, videos, photo features, infographics,case study, interview etc.

Please make sure that your work complies to our Editorial Guidelines. If you are submitting your work for the first time, fill out your profile and make sure that you send.

We will try to respond within 7 working days of hearing from you. For time-sensitive articles only, please state “urgent” in the subject line.

At Rural & Marketing, we review all submitted content in order to be sure that it is contextual. For the same your content before getting published, goes through the following stages:

1.Review of content

2.Review of language

3.Final review by the Editorial Board