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The Great Indian Rural Malls, Part - 4: Marketing Rural Festivals

The Great Indian Rural Malls, Part - 4: Marketing Rural Festivals

In this segment of the video series, I have focused on the importance of rural festivals.

Welcome back. Hi! I am Ajay Adlakha, Editor-in-Chief of Rural Marketing business portal, and if you have been following all my videos and blogs you already know how close my mission is to my heart on simplifying rural marketing for the marketers. Right now, I am doing a six part series on The Great Indian Rural Mall and while the first video was about “How to win big in Rural Haats”, the second video was about “Winning markets through Rural Melas” and the third video was on “Brand Activation through Rural Sports”. To continue this journey let me welcome you to another interesting perspective in this 4th episode of Rural Festivals. Yes, you read it right. If your target audience is rural India then you cannot ignore the annual festivals of rural India.

With 130 crore population, India celebrates 51 major festivals, out of which 17 are national and 34 being regional, amounting to 15% of household’s spend during these festivals. This is the reason why large companies pre budget festivals well in advance.

While major festivals like Dussehra, Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi and Kali Puja are celebrated on religious lines, Onam and Pongal in South India and Bihu thrice a year in Assam have traditions celebrating harvesting new crops, infusing big money into the pockets of the rural masses.

Ganesh Chaturthi sets the tone of festivity while Navratri and Durga Puja bring glamour quotient. I am glad that I got to sense the enthusiasm of Durga Puja in Kolkata this year. I was there to judge the puja pandals, which was a great and enriching experience for me.

There is a long list of festivals region wise, important ones being Dussehra, Diwali, Lohri, Baisakhi in North India;    Onam, Pongal, Hampi Festival, Mysore Dussehra in South India;    Durga Puja, Kali Puja, Bihu, Lord Jagannath Rath Yatra, Ganga Dussehra in East India and Saraswati Puja, Kali Puja, Ganesh Chaturthi among many others in West India.

These large number of festivals bring immense joy to the people of our country. They are not just ritualistic and symbolic but also serve as the binding factor of societies. This togetherness forms the foundation for you to actively participate in these festivals. 
So, here are the five reasons why your brand should be there, large captive audience with mix of rural and urban India; opportunity to target the entire family; people come with mindset of buying and entertainment; opportunity to test and launch products with festivals spread pan India and opportunity to customise campaigns depending on the geographical presence. 

The festivals have tremendous value for the marketers. Do you know that branded sales have made a rapid growth during these celebrations, Ganesh Chaturthi generates about Rs 20,000 crore business, Durga Puja generates around Rs 40,000 crore, Raksha Bandhan about Rs 400 crore and the festival of lights, Diwali, brings new prospects to the market sentiments. This year, Diwali is estimated to generate more than Rs 40,000 crore business across India.

Do you want to know how to increase the visibility of your brands in these festivals? I hope, yes! Then let me share top five effective ways to showcase yourself and win big during festivals, ensure availability of your product, customise marketing strategies according to the festival, take sponsorship route or capture high footfall area to build TOMA (top f the mind awareness), intelligent use of conventional and non-conventional media, supported by digital technology and hire specialised design agency who can design your communication mix strategy.
Considering the market size and growing sales during festivals, no marketer can ignore them. So friends, gear up for generating maximum share from festival sales. All you need to do is to get in touch with us. We, with a highly experienced team of marketing and business professionals can get you lion’s share from the festival sales.  

Thank you for watching this video, if you have missed any episode, watch first, second and third episodes to see the complete picture. If you want something more interesting just let me know and you will have it.
Keep watching my videos and reading blogs. If you want something more interesting just let me know and you will have it. Thank you for reading the blog. Watch out for the space on my next video and blog which is going to be on Rural Mandis. Take care. Bye bye.

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