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Six Gorgeous Indian Villages that May Convince You to Never Go Back

Six Gorgeous Indian Villages that May Convince You to Never Go Back

Seeking a rural respite? Here’s our list of the 5 incredibly beautiful villages in India that would captivate your senses.

Unexplored and unspoilt, these villages would take you back in time, and refresh you physically and mentally with some much deserved peace and quiet.

Munsiyari in Kumaon

Munsyari is a quiet, pristine hamlet in Uttarakhand, ensconced in the Kumaon hills. Surrounded on all sides by snowcapped mountains and thick dense forests, Munsyari is a huge draw for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.

Indian Village

An All in One Solution: Axe cum chisel cum hammer

A blacksmith by profession and an innovator by passion, Mohd Rafiq Ahanger has innovated a multi-purpose tool, which can perform the functions of an axe, hammer, chisel, blade as well as a screw driver for domestic or other carpentry tasks. He believes that his innovation resulted from the hardships he faced and the need to find an easier solution for his work requiring heavy physical efforts.

Healthy Indian Cow

Sheik Hebazat:- The cattle healer

Sheik Hebazat Hussain, an ordinary man with an extraordinary wealth of knowledge is a school dropout sustaining a family of three sons, two daughters, and his wife. He is an agriculturalist by profession, but difficult times have also forced him to indulge into other professions as well. These include selling fruits and livestock for domestic purpose to supplement his income. However, his health makes it difficult for him to continue these secondary occupations.

Bullock Cart Indian Village

The Unheard Story of a Real-Life Hero

Real life heroes often remain unsung as they don’t get the recognition and praise for their extraordinary work. But it doesn’t bother them at all. They simply keep on working despite the adversities.  Here, we are going to talk about one such real-life hero who invented something that sounds very normal but is a great help to the farmers in rural India.

The Rural Indian Woman

Transformation of Rural women over a decade

Around a decade ago the women of rural India had a completely different scenario than what one can see right now because a decade ago the basic work of a rural woman was only to handle her kitchen and look after children.

But now, if one takes a look at the current scenario of the rural women; one can clearly note the transformation because now, every woman is not only active in household chores but socially active as well.


Living a 'green' life

Solar power promises to change the way electricity is generated in the country, and it has an impact on the real estate sector as well, writes Ashwinder Raj Singh, CEO - Residential Services, JLL India

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