Are we selling rural right?


Most of the B-schools have introduced the subject ‘Rural Marketing’, some institutes have it at the undergraduate level as well but we still do not see a lot of students willing to take it up as a career, except when it is a college that is dedicated to this particular subject but the workforce requirement is much higher than the number of students. The question arises, why is this the case?

One probable cause is that the subject, when taught, is unable to bring out the plus points of this career in a positive light. Students are taught the course material but are not told what it will do for them. The educationists, as well as the organisations offering placements, must understand what appeals to the students of today. They must be told about the opportunities they can explore!

Rural gives people a chance to travel, an opportunity to understand the mindset of the masses, it allows the marketers to explore the unknown dimensions, to think and innovate. In short, students should look at it as an exciting career opportunity.

Getting talented, young fellows can change a lot of things- fresh ideas and new ways of execution, among others. There are people inclined towards development; they can combine development, innovation and business. It’s time we start selling the idea of rural the right way!

By: Bhawna Khattar, Assistant Manager- Digital Media & Social Media Marketing, Real World Promotions

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