About Us

First and only knowledge portal covering rural India. With a saga of vision and enterprise, we have launched India’s first and only portal ‘www.ruralmarketing.in‘ on rural India, a showcase providing factual, analytical and all inclusive information and insight on Indian hinterlands and country’s first dedicated web portal acting as single window for on activities and developments happening in rural India.

The portal with a global perspective acts as a gateway to the hinterland. amigos madrid mayores de ** It not only keep you abreast of development, innovation and transformation taking place in rural India, but also provides a platform for rural masses to showcase their journey towards transformation. femme agee obese nue The strength, which stands us out, is the speed of data and fact collection from the grass root and the equally speedy feed to the portal.

Ruralmarketing.in takes pride in building a platform where all the Marketers, Researchers, Students, Entrepreneurs, Policy Makers, Farmers, NGOs. Key Opinion Leaders can share their knowledge and experience and benefit each other.

India’s first and only magazine on Rural India. To further strengthen the flow of information and updates for the stakeholders, we have launched a monthly magazine called ‘Rural & Marketing’ . where it helps corporate in shaping their business strategies on how to target the rural India and its untapped potential, it also intends to act as a guiding force to the policy makers on how to understand the real ‘Bharat’ and the dynamics of rural India. The critical insights, business case studies and analytically & informed stories from experts in the field featured in the magazine keeps the faculty and budding managers abreast with the multi-faceted aspects & finer dimensions of rural markets and rural marketing that otherwise go un-noticed in the mainstream media.